White Water Rafting has remained the most adventurous tours since long, and whenever the term “Water Rafting” came it arouses an exotic feel throughout our body and soul. River rafting in India is one of the exhilarating experiences that you can enjoy on your Indian Holiday. The water rafting in India is slightly different from several other water rafting sites in the world, here we have streams of all currents from slow to extremely fast and it is naturally accustomed to people of all behaviors, suppose for slow tourists they might raft over slow stream and for adventurous and daring tourists there are high flowing streams. In this article I am describing the water rafting tour in India, its geographical details and exotic approach.

There is several water rafting tours in India as in Uttranchal’s Rishikesh¸ but the one considered as more exotic is the Kali Sarda River Expedition. The Kali River forms the international border between India and Nepal in its upper reaches. A self-contained river journey down this river is one of the enjoyable tours in this part of the Himalaya. This river flows past terraced farms of Kumaoni and Nepali villages, fresh water streams, sandy beaches, thick tropical jungles, and as we travel downstream through the terai belt we found scintillating white water. With the Mahseer making it an angler’s delight, the lack of road access makes it a complete wilderness journey.After the first few days of serene float past its confluence with the Saryu at Pancheshwar (also a famous fishing spot) with the occasional big rapid, the Kali makes its final descent to the plains in the last day on river, beginning with the mighty Chooka rapid. Flowing past the terai hills after densely forested hillsides, this trip is an outdoor wilderness experience in a league of its own.

This tour begins from Delhi to Kathgodam, covering Pithoragarh and Panchuli. The trip continues in thick jungle and passes to main rafting site, and from there is entrance to the Terai jungles with great white water and there might be a chance of even spotting a wild elephant. All security and safety measures are upto the standard and there is no chance of any mis-happenings or accidents, minor injuries to the tourists have been reported (this is due to their avoidance of safety measures) but not any serious case have been seen so far. Besides this there are highly experienced guides who even make the novice to undertake this expedition. Every year (during the months of February, March & November) thousands of people visit this exotic site and enjoy water rafting and are left with an experience which continues to live in their body and soul, thereby making them to return to this hotspot once again.


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