1. Taman Menteng

This place presents many variants of food ranging from porridge, soup, dimsum, noodles, fried rice up crazy. Popped into Taman Menteng after work with friends or family is the right choice to spend the night. Taman Menteng is located in Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Jakarta Special Capital Region 10310, Indonesia.

  1. Sate Sambas

Sate sambas is made of pure chicken breast that will not disappoint you. In one portion, it is contained 10 sticks which indicates that you have to consume about 30 grams of protein. For those of you who are afraid to gain weight or exercising, do not hesitate to eat Sate Sambas. Therefore, chicken breast contains less fat and more protein.

  1. Pasar Baru Jakarta
    Cool places for hanging out in the New Market area, Central Jakarta could be one option to spend a long evening with family and the people we care about. This region has a historic tourist destination shopping and culinary attractions are open hinga night. From where hawker stalls for hanging out at the roadside tents to house dining and cafes are located in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. Serving a culinary menu offered is varied, from mild to culinary snacks for dinner.
  2. Setia Budi Jakarta

It is a cool place to hang out with your friends. In the area of Setia Budi Jakarta, there are many choices from cafes and restaurants to roadside stalls tent up in the area of Setia Budi Building. The area is located in the central business district near Jakarta’s Kuningan area which presents an exotic night. From festive lighting of the building until the city park and the shopping center are interesting treats to accompany our vacation time. At the sights, that we can enjoy the evening with family and our lovely friends.


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