Puppet is one form of Indonesian culture that must be preserved. Actually, the puppet is not only in Indonesia. Wayang is also found in several countries in the world. However, the form of puppet, color and function of puppets coming from another country different from the puppet in Indonesia. Puppet famous in Indonesia generally are puppets from Java, despite the fact that several other islands in Indonesia also have culture puppet. Puppet typical of Central Java and Yogyakarta is one of the most well known type of puppets, the puppet purwa.

In general, puppet name comes from the root word ‘that’ which is the root word of the word ‘shadow’. In addition, the root word ‘that’ will also have other variations like ‘yong’ and ‘yung’ so literally meaning of the name is a shadow puppet, unstable and moving to and fro. If connected with puppet shows, then the meaning is very appropriate considering puppets, shadow puppets staged mainly by seeing his shadow. In the play, puppet also always moving unstable. Puppet name is also interpreted as images of people who have died from ‘wa’ which means the offspring and the ‘who’ or ‘hyang’ which means deceased ancestors. Meaning puppets as the picture of people who have died is associated with a character or characters in wayang stories like the Pandavas and Kauravas Pandu, which means descendants and the descendants of Kuru.

Puppet purwa is a kind of shadow puppets which still survive today. Puppet of this type still survive because it is touted to have the historical and philosophical roots are very strong. Puppet prototype in development known many styles associated with the culture of a region such as the style of Yogyakarta, Madura style, style Cirebon, Surakarta style and the style of Madura. Of the various styles of puppet prototype, actually there are a lot of similarities. Wayang Purwa is a puppet that included the oldest branches of art. These types of puppets made from animal skins. Puppet prototype name comes from the word ‘prototype’, which means round or episode. The name refers to the origin story of puppet prototype which is based on Mahabharata and Ramayana which consists of many chapters.

The story in Wayang Purwa must be based on the Mahabharata and Ramayana. If the story in the Wayang kulit is not rooted in the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata of India, the puppet is not included puppet prototype. There are so many interesting things that can be extracted from the puppet, its history, the story and performances. For those of you who are interested in puppet shows, you can search for information on the website Indonesia Travel Related places that do staging or wayang kulit.


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